Tuition and Fees

As Lakewood Presbyterian School is a ministry of Lakewood Presbyterian Church, we believe the Lord has provided a way for us to help educate all kinds of people with a Christ-exalting worldview that is communal and cost-effective. 

Both elementary and secondary tuition will be $250.00 a month for 9 months. A $20 discount is given for second and subsequent students, in the same family.


There is no application fee, but once admitted, all students will pay an annual supply fee of $500, in accordance with the following schedule:

  • 1st half of supply fee due May 1st – $250

  • 2nd half of supply fee due June 1st – $250

  • First Tuition payment due July 1st  – $250

  • Second Tuition payment due August 1st – $250 

Tuition payments are due the first school day of each month thereafter, through March, and should be placed in the dropbox or mailed to the following address:



Lakewood Presbyterian School

7020 Gaston Avenue

Dallas, TX 75214

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