Grades 7-12 

Literature classes include vocabulary and composition. They are: Grammar, Composition, Greek Literature, Roman Literature, Medieval Literature, Renaissance & Reformation Literature, Shakespeare, 17th & 18th Century Literature, and 19th & 20th Century Literature.


History classes include substantial reading from and about each era. They include: Texas History, Bible, Greek & Roman History, Medieval History, Renaissance & Reformation History, The Age of Revolution, and Modern History.


The science classes include: Earth Science, Geography, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.


In math, we continue the Saxon curriculum and place the student according to his mathematical competence rather than grade level. The courses range from pre-algebra through an introduction to calculus.


Latin progresses from learning the rudiments of the language through reading the literature of classical and ecclesiastical Latin.


We conduct a theatre class, secondary choir, and journalism class throughout the year at times outside of our regular hours.