Lakewood Presbyterian School (LPS) is an affordable classical Christian school offering instruction in grades kindergarten-4 through twelve. It is a ministry of the Lakewood Presbyterian Church (PCA) and operates under the authority of the Session, the governing board, of that Church. The Church is committed to the Westminster Confession of Faith, together with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms. Under the Bible, these provide the perspective from which we teach. The pastor of the church is also the headmaster of the school. Teachers are approved by the Session.


God has given to parents and to the Church the responsibility to teach their children. The Bible states the goal of the nurture of children in several ways: to love God with heart, mind, soul and strength; to possess and grow in wisdom; to be disciples who observe all things that the Lord commanded them; to exercise a godly dominion over creation; to take every thought captive to Christ; to love their neighbor as themselves; and to be conformed to the image of Christ.

At the heart of the task of Christian education are God’s Word, the Bible, and instruction in it. It is God’s authoritative statement of truth. Skills must be developed and understanding gained in light of God’s Word. Christian education must develop the natural and spiritual gifts of the students. It needs to impart to the students an understanding of God’s world, His creation, which He sovereignly rules and governs for our good and His glory. And it should advance the students’ understanding of the hearts of men.

Lakewood Presbyterian School does not presume to accomplish this task alone. It assumes that the student’s family and church will carry the primary weight of spiritual formation. The school intends to conduct the intellectual training of its students in ways consistent with and supportive of the long Christian tradition of the West and practices of faithful parents and churches.




We believe parents have a delightful duty  to make sure we are raising up our children in a world where Christ is presented truly as He is: the source, means, and goal of all things – including our knowledge.


At LPS, we want to help parents fulfill that sacred responsibility and to create an atmosphere where onlookers will know we are Christ's people by our love for one another and our faithfulness to Him.


We believe that even though we do not attend the same local churches, we are all a part of Christ's Church by grace through faith; therefore, we aspire to pursue this calling together, as a community of Christ followers. Parents and teachers work closely together to ensure that each child is getting the love and care that he/she needs to be rooted and grounded in God's truth as applied to the area of education.


We believe that Christ died for all kinds of people and that our Lord has a heart for all kinds of people.  


At Lakewood Presbyterian School, we believe that our tuition model allows us to serve families of modest means. 

Because we value a Christian education and believe it is an ideal approach to discipling our children, our desire is that cost would not be the ultimate deciding factor when choosing how to educate your child.


The experience of thirty years has shown us that the best predictor of the success of a student at Lakewood is his discipline. A sufficient combination of self-discipline and parentally imposed discipline will be necessary to complete the required work. Parents are expected and encouraged to assist their children at home with the assignments which the teachers require to be done.