The Schedule

The school year is divided into trimesters that begin the Tuesday after Labor Day and continue through the fourth week of May.

Vacations include:

  • The Week of Thanksgiving

  • Three Weeks at Christmas

  • Texas Independence Day

  • Week Before Easter

  • One Day in May for the School Play

**Additional days off may be announced, as needed.


Classes meet between 8:00am and 12:10pm, Tuesday through Friday. This schedule allows more time for extracurricular activities as well as more family time.


The homework load is light in the younger grades, but increases each year.

We have a 10 minute chapel each morning that all students are required to attend.  


Classes are paired for most subjects. (i.e.: K4/K5; 1st/2nd; 3rd/4th; 5th/6th; 7th/8th; 9th/10th; 11th/12th)

Due to the shorter school day, we place a heavier emphasis on homework than would a daylong school. This is where the communal aspect of our school comes into play. Lakewood relies on parental support and partnership in helping raise their children up in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.

We follow a trimester schedule.